Royal Icing


30 g Wilton Meringue Powder

5 Tbls (75-120 ml) previously boiled, lukewarm water

1 tsp vanilla (or any other flavor)

445 g sifted Icing Sugar


Note: Make sure all the utensils are grease-free.


In the mixer bowl combine the Icing Sugar and the Meringue Powder. Mix on low speed until blended.

Add the water and the flavor, turn on the mixer on low-medium speed for about 8-15 minutes. You will see the Icing turning from shiny to dull, that means it’s ready.

To prevent from drying, be sure to cover the bowl with a damp cloth while working.

Store in airtight container for up to two weeks. To reuse, beat on low speed to restore the original texture.

You will find that you need slightly different consistency of icing for different purposes.

Firm/Stiff consistency – for piping hair, fur and piping flowers onto flower nails.

Off pick/Normal – for drop line, extension work, and filigree.

Guttering – for run-outs that will dry on radius curve, rather than flat.

Run-out – suitable for all run-outs.