How to Decorate a Cake – 2 Hours In-Person Class

To register visit Michael’s: 1500 Banks Rd. Unit 100 

Kelowna BC  (250) 763-7446


How To Decorate a Cake

Class Outline


Preparing The Cake


Baking a Great Cake

Cake preparation

*Leveling vs. Torting

  1. leveling/Crowning
  2. Torting

Icing the cake

  • The Basics of Icing
  • Icing Consistency
  • Coloring
  • Filling The Layers
  • Icing The Cake
  • Smoothing The Cake

Decorating The Cake 

Using the Star tip

  • Star
  • Star Fill-In
  • Pull-Out Star (for flowers)

Using the round tip

  • Dot
  • Pulled Dot
  • Pull-Out Dots

Students Supplies: 

Course 1 Kit
Cake Leveler
10 in. Cake Boards
Trim-N-Turn Plus Turntable
Icing Color (optional) – one color recommended
Optional – Course 1 Student Guide
Wilton Creamy Decorator Icing or 2 recipes of Wilton Class Buttercream Icing

8 inch  un-iced cake
Disposable cloth or paper towels


Small bottle of water (squeeze bottle recommended to correct the consistency of the icing if needed)

Confectioners’ sugar (to correct the consistency of the icing if needed)
Disposable cups or bowls for mixing icing
Silicone spatulas

Damp cloth in plastic bag
Gallon size plastic bags for cleanup
Container to transport cake

The Wilton project classes are created to introduce you to all the basic skills of cake decorating.

It’s important to be well prepared, that will give us more time for practice at class.

Looking forward seeing you in class!

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Emi Koulev