Cupcake & Cookies

In addition to all the cakes, we have a choice of smaller sweet treats that are all time kids and big kids favorite cupcakes & cookies.


Cupcakes are also very popular in weddings, more and more young couples are choosing to have cupcakes on their special wedding day. They can be made in any flavor you can imagine.

You can make them in a vast variety of colors and flavors. They are fun and easy to serve.

Cupcakes could be iced and decorated with all the variations of Butter Cream, Cheese cream icing, Ganache, Fondant, Royal Icing, and with a combination of icings as well. You can even fill your cupcakes with your favorite buttercream icing, pudding, jelly … anything you would use on a cake.

You can personalize your cupcakes for every single person by adding a small decoration.


Cookies are not as formal as cupcakes; they are more casual for an everyday quick little sweet treat. They are kids friendly easy to make.

But you definitely can take them to a whole new level by icing and decorating them with Buttercream, Royal icing, Ganache, Glaze, Fondant…, etc.

There are different kind of cookies;

Drop cookies

Hand-rolled cookies

Shortbread cookies


Cut out cookies

Slice and bake cookies

Meringue cookies


Piped, pressed & molded cookies

Sandwich cookies

Deep-fried cookies