How to Read a Kindle Book From a Computer or a Phone

How to Read a Kindle Book From a Computer or a Phone Today I have a promotion on my second book from the series: The Cake Decorating Series of SUGARCRAFT (Modeling With Fondant Icing 101 Book 2) Few people asked me if there is a way to read the book without having a Kindle device. So…

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Soft Molasses Drop Cookies

  Soft Molasses Drop Cookies Ingredients 2/3 Shortening 1/3 cup Brown sugar 1 large Egg 3/4 cup Molasses 1/4 cup Yogurt 2 cups All-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon Salt 1 teaspoon Baking soda 1 teaspoon Cinnamon 1 teaspoon Ginger Directions Heat oven to 350°F. 1. In the mixing bowl beat the shortening, the brown sugar, the…

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Buttercream Basics

Buttercream Basics It’s important to learn the basics of buttercream, and you will find yourself using the same simple recipes over and over again. And you will have the best results every single time. Buttercream is more delicate medium than you may think. It’s crucial to understand the basics to get the most from it.…

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Fondant Silhouettes

Fondant Silhouettes How to make fondant silhouettes for the side of your cakes or just for toppers. They are very popular for wedding cakes, birthday cakes, graduation cakes you can incorporate them in any cake. We are going to make puppy silhouettes today as this month is all about “My Puppy.” And because it’s Mother’s…

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Sugar Paste

Sugar Paste What is sugar paste? Sugar paste is a type of icing that has a dough-like consistency. There is a different kind of sugar paste for different purposes. Fondant  Flower paste – Gum Paste Modeling Paste  Pastillage Shape-N-Amaze Fondant is very soft and pliable it comes in wide variety of colors white, blue, red, black…

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Protected: Practice Sheets

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The Best Chocolate Cookies

The Best Chocolate Cookies   Using the correct ingredients is the very key when it comes to baking cookies. For the best Chocolate Cookies, measure the ingredients carefully and follow the recipe closely. Pay attention to the amount as well as the temperature of all the ingredients listed in the recipe. Proper mixing is also important…

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Cake Cutting And Cake Serving Guide

Cake Cutting And Cake Serving Guide All the Charts are based on 4″ high cakes. Party size portions: 1 ½” x 2” x4” and Wedding size portions: 2” x 1” x 4”       As always thank you for visiting, I appreciate you! Give me your thoughts in the comments below. If you think…

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Color Right Formula

Color Right Formula     Fast and easy way to color your Buttercream. Keep in mind that all the colors will darken a little bit overnight, but the colors won’t change the consistency of your icing. If you need less than two cups of icing per color simply divide all the colors by two and add…

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Planning And Designing Your Cake

Planning And Designing Your Cake The number of servings and the occasion will determent the procedure and the plan of the entire cake. It could be anywhere from large few tears wedding cake to a special birthday cake, to a small get together family cake. Count all the servings and decide what kind of shape you…

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